Welcome to Breathing Circle

Take a deep breath and relax into the brand new Breathing Circle website. Here you will find ways of accessing deep relaxation, connection with like-minded people and learn a simple spiritual practice for inner calm and every day healing.

So, what is Breathing Circle?
Breathing Circle is a network of people who are committed to:

  • Health and healing through breathing practice
  • Self-healing through transformational energy states
  • Conscious community meetings and workshops

Most of all, Breathing Circle people are into breathing with awareness. Since this simple practice has affected positive change in our lives we meet once a month to celebrate the breath and introduce other people to this transformational tool. Breathing Circle groups are on the last Tuesday of the month, every month. All 2013 dates are on the ‘Find a Circle’ page.

Whats new at Breathing Circle

Paris Breathing Circle

Joël Jégo has start a new Breathing Circle in Paris. This circle will meet on the last Thursday in the month rather than the usual Tuesday.

Breathing Circle for the Sunshine Coast

Starting in July there will be a new Breathing Circle in Australia. This new circle is on the Sunshine Coast north of Brisbane.

København (Copenhagen) Breathing Circle

The new Copenhagen Breathing Circle will be run by English breathworker Geoffrey Smith.

Breathing Circle in Alsace, France

There is a new Breathing Circle in Alsace, France in the little town of Pfetterhouse near the Swiss border.

New Breathing Circle for Italy

Robin Lawley has started a new Italian Breathing Circle midway between Rome and Viterbo.

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Important information: “Breathing Circle promotes the use of Conscious Breathwork as an effective route to self-healing. We support a range of breathwork modalities and are not limited to one specific practice. We encourage group leaders to be experienced in facilitation of group breathwork practices, but we do not guarantee their expertise or professionalism. Breathing Circle always encourages discernment and self-responsibility when selecting a therapist or group breathwork leader.”

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